Friday, 11 April 2014

a werid year

It all started at Oaklands School me (molly) and greg heffley were year 6 and it was all ready in ½ of the year , we were bffs .But one rainy day gerg had to move i haven’t seen him for 1 ½ years i was so sad that he left i pretty sore he was too. But one sunny day i moved (please not be sunny) my mum call me inside and said i have to get ready for my first day at my new school i went in to the principal's office when i saw the person sitting down i almost past out it was GREG HEFFLEY .He showed me around the school i meet his friend Rowley ,Holly Hills and Patty and Fregly .i went to his house then his brother Rodrick said to Greg hi Greg is this your girlfriend then Rodrick giggles stop it said Greg .Then Manny comes out says hi bubby oh no!! i said what's a bubby then his mum walked in and i said what a bubby was his nickname for him.

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