Thursday, 3 July 2014

Discussion wrting

People have been arguing who has the bigger responsibility- consumers or businesses? and what does buyer beware mean. 

                            Reason 1 
Firstly, businesses have to make sure everything runs smoothly so nothing goes wrong. This is because so the products are good quality. Otherwise consumers won't buy from their shop. 

                         Reason 2 

Secondly, they need to make sure information is  so  that people understand. Otherwise they're misleading.  

                                 Objection 1

The consumer has to make sure they can get a refund if the product is fulty. Otherwise it is a waste of money. 
                            Objection 2 

Consumers have responsibility aswell eg make sure what they are buying is what they want and is not going to brake easily. Otherwise they won't trust that store again. 

       After considering both sides of the argument,  my opinion is that i think that businesses have more responsibility because they have to make sure that the products are safe and won't break easily. Something wrong with objective 1 is some stores can't give a refund because its store policy. Something wrong with objective 2 is consumers don't have a bigger responsibility than businesses because they have a whole store to run. 

This peice of writing is a dicussion

I think i am at relational because i added connectives

My next step is to add more information 

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